Phylogeny:POL Ty1/Copia

Oryco1-1MelmothVitico1-2KoalaRetrofitRTvr2Tto1BatataV12Tnt-1Tork4Xanthias1731pCretro6pCretro3TricopiaHydra1-2Hydra1-1MtangaHumnumYokozunaCopiaKocoFourfSto-4HopscotchTdh2pCalZeco2Zeco1Olco1Cico1CoDi6.3CoDi6.5CoDi6.4Endovir1-1ToRTL1TSI-9Oryco1-2AracoVitico1-1PocoSIRE1-4Opie-2PyRE1G1OsserCoDi6.2GalEa1CoDi6.7CoDi6.6CoDi6.1CoDi2.4CoDi5.6CoDi5.1CoDi5.3CoDi5.2Ty2Ty1BTse1Tkm1Ty4CoDi5.4CoDi5.5CoDi7.1CoDi3.1CoDi4.1CoDi4.5CoDi4.4CoDi4.3POL ty1 copia.png
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Method of phylogenenetic reconstruction

Phylogenetic reconstruction inferred based on the concatenated protein product encoded by the pol internal region of the Ty1/Copia LTR retroelement family using MEGA 4.1 (Kumar et al. 2008) and the Neighbor joining (NJ) method of phylogenetic reconstruction (Saitou and Nei 1987) with 100 bootstrap replicates under the conditions, uniform rates among sites and pairwise deletion of gaps.


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Llorens, C., Futami, R., Covelli, L., Dominguez-Escriba, L., Viu, J.M., Tamarit, D., Aguilar-Rodriguez, J. Vicente-Ripolles, M., Fuster, G., Bernet, G.P., Maumus, F., Munoz-Pomer, A., Sempere, J.M., LaTorre, A., Moya, A. (2011) The Gypsy Database (GyDB) of Mobile Genetic Elements: Release 2.0 Nucleic Acids Research (NARESE) 39 (suppl 1): D70-D74 doi: 10.1093/nar/gkq1061

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