The presence of a SCAN domain (Williams et al. 1995) define a subfamily of associated modules of C2H2 zinc finger proteins involved in protein-protein interactions (for a review see Edelstein and Collins 2005).

SCAN-A2 domain is a group of SCAN oligomerization domains (cd07936 in Conserved Domain Database) that is present at N-terminus in ZNF452/SCAND3 variants of SCAN/KRAB cellular integrases. In ZNF452/SCAND3 proteins, no additional zinc finger domain more than that of Integrase can be identified making the SCAN domain of ZNF452/SCAND3 a particular subgroup probably related with those found in lower vertebrates that are contained in large retrovirus-like polyproteins (Collins & Sander 2010; Ivanov et al. 2005). We have named it "SCAN-A2” domain because according to aminoacid sequence and length, the SCAN domain identified in ZNF452/SCAND3 C-INTs resembles more that of group A2 described in the mouse genome with a longer C-terminal extension (Edelstein and Collins 2005).

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