Phylogeny:GAGPOL Bel/Pao

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RooBelMaxCer10-1TasMabelCer7SpirobelHydra3-1NinjaCubelTamyPaoZebelSinbadSaci-6KobelSuzuGabelPurbelTribelMooseNabelGAGPOL bel pao.png

Method of phylogenenetic reconstruction

Phylogenetic reconstruction inferred based on the gag and pol polyproteins encoded by the Bel/Pao LTR retroelement family using CLUSTAL X 2.0 (Larkin et al. 2007) and the Neighbor joining (NJ) method of phylogenetic reconstruction (Saitou and Nei 1987) with 100 bootstrap replicates under the conditions: uniform rates among sites and pairwise deletion of gaps.


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