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About the GyDB

The GyDB is an ongoing research and educational project that was created in 2005 with the aim of investigating viruses and mobile genetic elements (MGEs). With the information included in the database, we aim to:

  • Classify the diversity of viruses and MGEs based on their phylogenetic profiles in the context of the tree of life.
  • Cast some extra light on their molecular biology.
  • Characterize the impact they have on their hosts.
  • Integrate all this knowledge in an open access, editable wiki-like database so the scientific community can help expand the topics of study by contributing with their knowledge and findings.

Given the complexity and the wide diversity of viruses and MGEs, a project of this scope must be addressed step-to-step. As our first GyDB study goal, we addressed the order of Ortervirales, which includes all retroviruses of vertebrates, Caulimoviruses (plant viruses) and their related families of LTR retrotransposons: Ty1/Copia (Pseudoviridae) and Bel/Pao (Belpaoviridae). All the information pertaining these viruses and MGEs is available in the current GyDB release.

Why donate?

The research we make at GyDB is financed with grants and by collaborations with research centers. However, as an open access database, the GyDB requires both IT servers and curators working daily to maintain the infrastructure up to date and freely available for everyone. Eventually, research grants provided a small budget for oveerheads the expenses needed to maintain the project fully operative online largely exceed the funds provided by research grants. In that way, every additional contribution, big or small, makes a difference and helps us keep the GyDB independent and operative year to year and one day after another.


Thank you very much indeed
Dr. Carlos Llorens,
GyDB founder

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