Antibiotic Resistance Evolution Simulator

ARES (Antibiotic Resistance Evolution Simulator) is a software device for simulation of a P-system model for ecosystem scenarios with 4 types of nested regions emulating a hierarchy of ecological compartments: Peripheral ecosystem, local environment, hosts (human beings/organisms) and host microbiomes.

Objects such as plasmids, antibiotic resistance genes and antibiotics/antimicrobials can be placed in this framework and allowed to interact and evolve according to a set of rules and specifications. ARES has been implemented as a server online and offers additional tools for backup storage, model editing and downstream analysis.

It is required creating an account for designing and running your own scenarios. Registered users can create an unlimited number of scenarios which will be stored in the system's database.

If you have an account, please, log in to start defining your simulation scenarios.

Citing ARES:
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